Course Code: 12539
Strategies for Low CL Oral Fluency Students (Sec)
by Dr Fan Jinghua
Duration (Hrs)7

VenueSCCL ( Location Map)

Course Objective

Course supported by CPDD.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
1.Understand the essential features and assessing measures of language fluency.
2.Understand the definition and representative types of formulaic language and the significance for oral proficiency.
3.Recognize the different formulaic language from textbooks.
4.Develop and design formulaic language teaching to enhance Chinese oral proficiency, especially for learners with low fluency.
5.Use the related teaching toolkit effectively.



Class on 30 May - for COE S2 Schools

Venue: Crescent Girls' School, 357 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247961

Course Outline

The course will cover the following topics:
1.The relationships between formulaic language and oral proficiency and fluency.
2.Awareness, recognition and types of formulaic language ("trunks").
3.Basic ideas and strategies for formulaic language teaching.
4.The principles and the strategies for effective design and application of formulaic language teaching focusing on students with limited oral proficiency.
(Remarks: A teaching toolkit CD will be given to participants, which includes theoretical introduction of formulaic teaching, strategies for applying the method into teaching, and ten teaching plans based on secondary Chinese textbooks as well as further readings.)

Course Prerequisite