Course Code: 11698
Implementation and Assessment of Show and Tell (Pri 1–2) (CL)
by Dr Liao Xian
Duration (Hrs)8
VenueSCCL ( Location Map)

Course Objective

Course recommended by CPDD.

This course presents international effective strategies and successful experiences for implementing and assessing “show & tell”, aiming at solving the practical problems and difficulties teachers encountered. The participants should be able to:
1.Understand ability-orientated objectives of show and tell.
2.Incorporate a variety of effective strategies to implement Show & tell.
3.Design effective assessment tools to promote student learning.
4.Deepen understanding of “assessment for learning”.



Class on 14 & 15 August - for COE E7 Schools

Venue: Opera Estate Primary School, 48 Fidelio Street, Singapore 458436

Course Outline

Course will discuss the following key elements:
1.The overview of Show & tell (1hr):
a.Basic elements of show & tell
b.Ability objectives of Show & tell
2.The implementation strategy of Show & tell (3hrs):
a.Determining suitable topics for show & tell
b.Helping students choosing appropriate items and structuring speech
c.Employing effective organizing patterns
3.Assessment strategies of show and tell (4hrs):
a.Developing assessing criteria for show and tell
b.Improving classroom assessment: questioning, feedback, peer and self-assessment
c.Designing student portfolios for show and tell
d.Promoting effective summative assessment

Course Prerequisite