Course Code: 12843
H2 CLL: Teaching of Mr Kuo Pao Kun’s Drama Works 'Kopitiam'
by Dr Tan Chee Lay
CategoryTeaching Literacy
Sub-CategoryAppreciation of Literature
Duration (Hrs)6
VenueSCCL ( Location Map)

Course Objective

Course recommended by CPDD.

At the end of the course, participants are able to:
1.Comprehend the appreciation techniques and pedagogies involved in the teaching of contemporary plays.
2.Understand the main learning points in Kopitiam.
3.Design learning activities for the teaching of Kopitiam.

Course Outline

The content of the course is as follows:
1.Analysis of the play, Kopitiam.
2.Pedagogies in the teaching of Kopitiam.
3.Developing the ability to formulate and analyse questions for Kopitiam.
4.Comparative analysis of Kopitiam and The Silly Little Girl and the Funny Old Tree.

Course Prerequisite