Course Code: 12932
Designing Problem-Based Learning (CL): Blended (E-Learning)
by Mr Lim Chin Nam & Mdm Chia Swee Hong
Sub-CategoryClassroom Teaching
Duration (Hrs)10
Face to face: 21/03/2017


Face to face: 11/04/2017

Face to face: 23/10/2017


Face to face: 13/11/2017
VenueSCCL ( Location Map)

Course Objective

Course supported by CPDD.

At the end of the course, participants will be able:
1.Based on personal and learning coummunity experience to futher discuss and understand of problem solving process in CL teaching and learning.
2.To discuss and understand the theory, the values and the implementation process of Problem-Based Learning.

Teacher participants who are interested, are encouraged to attend the following course:
1.PBL (3): Facilitating PBL

Course Outline

Through the course, teachers will have the opportunity to:
1.The process of solving problems in CL teaching and learning.
2.The theory, the values and the implementation process of PBL.

This blended learning course consists of the following components:
1)3.5 hrs face-to-face workshop
2)4 hrs online interactions over the entire duration
3)2.5 hrs face-to-face workshop

Course Prerequisite

12812: Experiencing Problem-Based Learning (CL): Blended (E-Learning)

Teachers are required to attend "Experiencing Problem-Based Learning (CL): Blended (E-Learning)" before attending the current workshop.