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  1. The Relationship between Text Types and Task Difficulty in Chinese L2 Teaching
  2. A Survey on Chinese Characters Learning Strategies of Malay Students in the Faculty of Engineering at a University in Malaysia
  3. A Typological Illustration of the Inclination to Use the SVO Order in Singapore Chinese Language
  4. The Six-step Interactive Approach of Teaching Clauses and Its Application in Oral Chinese Teaching in Singapore
  5. Chinese Language Learning Difficulties in Singapore Students: An Investigation of Primary Five and Secondary Three Students


  1. A Study on the Contents of Chinese Traditional Culture in Singapore Primary Textbooks from 1986 to 2009
  2. A Study on Editorial Arrangements of High School Chinese Language Textbooks in the Period of Republic of China
  3. A Review of the Reading Literacy Assessment Framework of the Pan-Canadian Assessment Program
  4. Teaching of Chinese Reading Summarization Strategies in Elementary Schools: Implementation and Reflections
  5. Linking up Chinese Characters and Vocabulary – A Connective Approach for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
  6. Drama-in-Education and Its Role in Chinese Language Teaching in Singapore – A Phenomenographic Case Study

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