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  1. A Study on the Training of Textual Reading Competency in the Instructional Materials of Chinese Language for Secondary Schools (Express) in Singapore
  2. A Case on Chinese PIRLS Assessment for Singapore Students
  3. The Development of the Automated Essay Evaluation System
  4. Development of the Syllabus of the Graded Chinese Vocabulary
  5. An Analysis of Teachers’ Scaffolding Awareness and Skills in the Scaffolding Teaching Model


  1. The Putonghua Performances of University Students in Hong Kong: Problem Areas and Countermeasures in Teaching
  2. An Investigation into Strategies Used by Singapore Lower Secondary Students in Chinese Composition Writing
  3. A Review of the Development of Internet-based Chinese Teaching
  4. Dialogic Teaching and the Dialogic IRE Model: Discussing the Features and Forms of Dialogic Teaching Based on the Case Study of a Second Year English Literature Class in a Danish High School
  5. A Case Study of Teaching Fairy Tales in Chinese Lessons in Hong Kong



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