Our Centre offers 3 different packages for experienced teachers on Professional Development Leave. Teachers who apply may choose one of the packages.

  1. Research + learning report
  2. Research + short-term study tour + report
  3. Self-proposed package



  • To provide a quality choice for teachers who wish to complete their PDL course locally.
Features of the PDL Package:
  1. Teachers who apply for this package will join SCCL as “Visiting Fellows”;
  2. SCCL will only provide the areas for research—teachers can fully realise their interest and potential to enhance their teaching standard;
  3. SCCL will assign suitable mentors according to the teachers’ needs. During the period of visit, teachers will have regular consultations with their mentors and write a dissertation (5000-8000 words) which may be nominated for publication in highly acclaimed international journals;
  4. If applicants opt for the short-term study tour, arrangements will be made for them to sit in during lectures or visit schools (to be arranged by the institution concerned) after the objective of the tour has been confirmed.


Content of PDL package (standard package)

Description of Package 1:
Research + learning report

(1) Research areas:

Please choose one area each from (A) Professional Development and (B) Pedagogical categories.

1(A) Professional Development
1(B) Pedagogy
  1. Topic on Classical Literature
  1. Reading Skills
  1. Topic on Modern and Contemporary Literature
  1. Thinking Skills
  1. Topic on Educational Theories
  1. Writing Skills
  1. Topic on Applied Linguistics
  1. ICT in Teaching
  1. Topic on Chinese History
  1. Creativity
  1. Topic on ICT in Education
  1. Differentiated Instruction, D.I.
  1. Topic on Assessment for Learning
  1. Newspapers in Education
  1. Topic on Curriculum
  1. Oral Skills
  1. Topic on Teaching Theories
  1. Activities in Teaching
  1. Topic on Teaching Theories
  1. Teaching Literature


(2) Learning report:

Participants may choose an area of interest from the above categories for the learning report and propose a research topic. SCCL will assign a suitable mentor to provide guidance. Examples:

(A) Professional Development category

  1. A Study of the Modernity of XX’s Works
  2. A Study of the Tragic Sense of Life in Lao She’s Novels

(B) Pedagogical category

  1. A Research on ICT and Creative Reading
  2. A Research on Reading and Development of Students’ Creative Thinking Skills



Description of Package 2: Research + short-term study tour + report

  1. Please refer and select from the research areas listed in Package 1.
  2. Short-term study tour: participants may visit one of the following universities with the arrangement of SCCL:

    1. University of Hong Kong (Duration: October-November)
    2. The College of Chinese Language and Culture of Jinan University (Duration: March-May, September-January)


For Package 1 & 2:

  • Small-group discussions (assuming there are more than 1 applicant who chooses the same research areas during the PDL period)
  • Specialised tutorials (one-to-one or one-to-few tutoring and discussion)


For Package 3:

  • Flexible, will tailor to individual’s needs
  • FAQ

Interested teachers can download the application form from the link below. Please indicate your choice and fax/email it to the coordinator after filling in the form.
Fax: +65-646-712-78

[Please download application form here


Fees for Professional Development Leave

To provide:

  1. Specific course content and research guidance with reference to teachers’ needs
  2. Lecture notes, information, materials, research resources, etc
  3. Workstations in SCCL during term of stay
  4. Follow up on procedures, guidance, assistance in research items
  5. Opportunities to help in presentations of research papers (depending on research results and conditions of hosting platform)
Fee (S$ per head)
1500 (Excluding GST)
10 weeks of PDL:
  • Become SCCL’s Short-term Researcher
  • Overseas Immersion/Study Tours (additional charges)
  • If 10 weeks of PDL include 2 or 4 weeks spent overseas, a fee of $1200 (Excluding GST) will be charged for the 6 or 8 weeks spent @SCCL.
  • Certificate upon completion of course

Note: The fee is to be borne by individual teachers. (This price only applies to local Chinese language teachers.)