The Doctor of Education (EdD) in Research in Chinese Language Education (RCLE) programme is designed for school leaders, aspiring school middle-managers, curriculum coordinators and specialists, in-service teachers, and related professionals with focus on Chinese Language Education in Singapore. It aims to:


  • develop learners’ leadership in curriculum research, planning and implementation in Chinese Language Education;

  • advance learners’ professional knowledge in emerging pedagogies;

  • develop learners into reflective practitioners and effective facilitators of learning; and

  • lead change in curriculum design and pedagogical practice, with evidence-based research.


 One of the most important aims of this programme is to promote research relevant to language education in Singapore.


Expected Completion Time

3 to 5 years


Mode of Study

Intensive full-time (lectures will be conducted mainly during school holidays)


Areas of Study

Chinese language and literature education; language curriculum development and evaluation; general Chinese linguistics; psycholinguistics-Chinese; Chinese sociolinguistics; language testing, measurement and evaluation of Chinese; cognitive aspects of Chinese language learning; linguistic aspects of Chinese language education; computers in Chinese language teaching and learning; application of functional linguistics to teaching Chinese.


Programme Structure

Candidates are required to satisfactorily complete the following courses:


Core Courses

  1. Methods of Conducting Research in Chinese Language Education I (中国语文教育研究法一);
  2. Methods of Conducting Research in Chinese Language Education II (中国语文教育研究法二);
  3. Thesis Writing Workshop in Chinese (论文写作工作坊);
  4. Issues in the Field of Education in Singapore and South-East Asia (东南亚地区教育议题);


Graduate School Course

  1. Research Ethics for Graduate Students^

and 3 Elective Courses.

^“Ethics for Research in Chinese Language Education” will be offered as an option to be taken in lieu of the compulsory Graduate School course “Research Ethics for Graduate Students”.


Mode of Delivery

Intensive and ordinary classes will be held in Hong Kong and Singapore.

In Hong Kong, intensive classes will be arranged in HKU once or twice a year and will be arranged in the form of a mixture of face-to-face lectures, school observation and cultural activities.

Intensive classes will be held during the Singapore school holidays (March, September, November, December and June) at the University of Hong Kong campus or Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL) or via online teaching and learning platforms.


Tentative Schedule of Courses

Offered at
Late November to December (2 weeks)
Methods of Conducting Research in Chinese Language Education I
Thesis Writing Workshop in Chinese
 March (1 week)
 Thesis Writing Workshop in Chinese
 June (2 weeks)
Methods of Conducting Research in Chinese Language Education II
1 elective
 September (1 week)
Issues in the Field of Education in Singapore and South-East Asia
Late November to December (2 weeks)
Research Ethics for Graduate Students
1 elective
 March (1 week)
1 elective


Note: Candidates may attend some of the above courses with MEd (Teaching and Learning Chinese Language) candidates. However, a differentiated teaching and learning approach will be adopted.

At the end of the probationary period (18 months), candidates must have

(i)          completed the 4 core courses;

(ii)        completed “Research Ethics for Graduate Students”;

(iii)   completed the first three chapters (i.e. Introduction, Literature Review, and Research Methods) of the doctoral thesis to the satisfaction of the Supervisory Panel; and

(iv)       presented a confirmation seminar.


Candidates are required to write a thesis of 50,000 to 60,000 words and are expected to attend and present seminars regularly after confirmation of candidature.



Supervision will be provided by both the Division of Chinese Language and Literature of the Faculty of Education, HKU and the SCCL. Students’ progress will be monitored by a primary supervisor from HKU and a co-supervisor from the SCCL.

 After the completion of all the required courses, candidates are expected to visit Hong Kong at least once a year for face-to-face communication with their primary supervisor and participation in conferences and/or seminars.


Admission Requirements

Applicants should (1) hold a Bachelor’s degree with second class honours and a taught Master’s degree; or a Bachelor’s degree with first class honours; and (2) demonstrate a record of at least four years of professional experience in an educational institution or services in the education sector or other relevant sectors as judged appropriate by the Faculty.


Composition Fees

HKD81,000* per year


How to Apply?

Online application at:


Application Deadline:                      

Applicants are required to submit the application form via the Online Application System and email all supporting documents as PDF files to . In the online application form, please enter “Research in Chinese Language Education (RCLE)” in the box “Proposed Field of Study” under the section “Further Information”. Successful applicants will officially commence their studies.


Important Note to Applicants

Before submitting an application, applicants are strongly encouraged to seek the advice from a potential supervisor in HKU on preparing the Statement of Proposed Area of Professional Inquiry.


Important Note to Non-local Students

Non-local students are required to obtain a valid student visa before commencing studies in Hong Kong. Tourist or training visa is not acceptable for this purpose.



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