Course Code: 13084
STP PD Workshops for BT in (Sec/JC CL)
by CL Master Teachers
Sub-CategoryTheories & Practices
Duration (Hrs)24
VenueSCCL ( Location Map)

Course Objective

Course recommended by AST.

At the end of the workshops, participants will
1.Be aware of the STP as a teaching and learning model;
2.Have an understanding of the components and appreciate the interconnectedness of the components of the STP (the Singapore Curriculum Philosophy, Knowledge Bases and Pedagogical Practices);
3.Be able to select and enact suitable Teaching Actions in the Pedagogical Practices in a specific subject area; and
4.Be able to apply the Application-Reflection Cycle to enhance reflective practice.


1. E-learning from 19/07/2018 to 01/09/2018
2. Face to face session on 02/08/2018 & 03/08/2018 (9.00am-5.00pm) (7 hrs each) & 20/08/2018 (2.30pm-5.30pm)

Course Outline

Our Master Teachers will take participants through the following programme:
• Day 1 (full day)
o Overview of STP (Singapore Curriculum Philosophy, Knowledge Bases and Pedagogical Practices)
o Overview of the Pedagogical Practices (Teaching Processes, Teaching Areas and Teaching Actions)
o Teaching Processes: Positive Classroom Culture and Lesson Preparation
• Day 2 (full day)
o Teaching Processes: Lesson Enactment and Assessment & Feedback
• Day 3 (half day)
o Online Learning and Application of the Teaching Areas and Teaching Actions
• Day 4 (half day)
o Consolidation and Sharing
Participants will get hands-on experience and demonstration of the Teaching Areas and Teaching Actions during the workshop.

Course Prerequisite

This workshop is only for beginning teachers (who graduated in 2016 and 2017) who have not gone through the enhanced PGDE course in 2018.