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  1. The Construction of a Chinese Teaching Resource Database of Topic-Oriented Common Words, Sentences, Constructions and Texts
  2. Historical Review of Textbook Research in Modern China: Based on the Analysis of Newspapers and Periodicals from Late Qing to Republic of China
  3. Supporting Materials for Non-Chinese Speaking Primary Students in Hong Kong: Design Rationale and Teaching Strategies
  4. Strategies for Teaching Reading and Writing in a Chinese as  Second Language Classroom: Reading Reports and Job Application Letters as Examples
  5. The Application of Task-based Pedagogy in Teaching Oral Chinese for Pre-University Students in Singapore


  1. The Relationship between Text Types and Task Difficulty in Chinese L2 Teaching
  2. A Survey on Chinese Characters Learning Strategies of Malay Students in the Faculty of Engineering at a University in Malaysia
  3. A Typological Illustration of the Inclination to Use the SVO Order in Singapore Chinese Language
  4. The Six-step Interactive Approach of Teaching Clauses and Its Application in Oral Chinese Teaching in Singapore
  5. Chinese Language Learning Difficulties in Singapore Students: An Investigation of Primary Five and Secondary Three Students

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